Environmental sustainability

Leader: Juha-Matti Katajajuuri


Address: Natural Resources Institute – Luke
Country: Finland
E-mail: juha-matti.katajajuuri@luke.fi
Telephone: + 358503599772


Participants short name: IBA, AU, TUB


Assess the environmental sustainability of different novel protein- rich products and their supply chains in Finland, Germany, Denmark and Romania and to estimate the environmental consequences of adoption of such food items in the human diet.


Task 5.T1: Data collection. Data of previous LCA studies on oat will be collected and analysed. When needed, up-to-date agricultural data will be collected on oat cultivation.
Task 5.T2: Environmental impact assessment


D5.1: Updating and harmonizing of LCA data of oat grain chain in Finland, Germany, Denmark and Romania.
D5.2: Detailed data on resource use in the processing of oat proteins available.
D5.3: Assessment of environmental impacts of new protein-rich products.
D5.4: Comparison of environmental impact of human diets based on the new oat protein-rich products and competing traditional products.