Incorporation of oat protein ingredients for protein enriched and high protein product prototypes: dispersed systems (beverage, yoghurt), solid foams (bread, snacks, biscuit), and solid food (pasta)

Leader: Nesli Sozer


Address: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Country: Finland
Telephone: +358405403326


Participants short name: IBA, TUB


Study applicability of oat protein ingredients at various degrees of purity from WP1 and modified oat protein ingredients from WP3 in different matrices including emulsified/foamed liquids, soft foods, solid foams and solid foods.


Task 4.T1: Evaluation of properties of oat protein enriched prototypes
Task 4.T2: production of food products in large scale for consumer study


D4.1: The impact of oat protein ingredients on structural (rheological/textural parameters) and sensory (flavour, texture and appearance) properties of three food prototypes.
D4.2: The impact of oat protein ingredients on nutritional properties such as in vitro protein and starch digestibility, amino acid composition and bioavailability of three food prototypes.