Characterization of oat protein ingredients for various food applications

Leader: Stephan Drusch


Address: Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin
Country: Germany
Telephone: +493031471796


Participants short name: VTT, IBA


Characterize the oat protein ingredients and modify their functional properties in order to improve their applicability in several food matrices.


Task 3.T1: Characterization of oat protein concentrates and preparations produced by WP1
Task 3.T2: Alteration of functional properties for the use as a functional ingredient in food products by enzymatic hydrolysis or crosslinking, microbial fermentation and/or mechanical modification.
Task 3.T3: Gaining and communication of systematic data of surface activity, rheological and surface rheological properties of modified oat proteins.
Task 3.T4: Evaluation of nutritional properties of oat protein ingredients (e.g. in vitro protein and starch digestibility, amino acid composition, protein bioavailability (in vitro)


D3.1: Characterization of the functional properties of oat protein concentrates.
D3.2: The impact of microbial and/or enzymatic and mechanical modifications on functional properties of oat protein ingredients.